Our Vision & Goals

At Ascent Financial, we are stubborn on vision and flexible on details. Our team of uniquely talented planners and advisors have come together to provide financial services that are tailored to your individual needs for a lifetime and beyond. Ascent Financial works harder than any other company in the industry to offer our clients the most comprehensive insurance planning, retirement planning and asset management services available. Our deep commitment to the fiscal health of the people we serve has helped us create long-term relationships throughout the region. Ascent Financial serves over 3,000 farm clients in 7 different states and is the only company endorsed by Compeer Financial as their sole insurance and consulting resource.


We’re a Cut Above the Competitor

We have a core group of consultants that have a strong bond and the highest standards. We have a team that develops a “no look pass” working relationship where we complete each other’s strengths.

• Ascent Financial exists to enhance lives through financial clarity.
• To serve the agricultural community in business and transition planning in the Midwest.
• To provide significant value and be a trusted business partner for Compeer Financial.
• Have the ability and team to serve the larger, commercial agricultural based business and families.

our competitive advantage


Prestigious team of consultants coming together to provide niche services to the highest standard


Continue to outwork the industry average; which in turn will allow us to outpace and surpass competitors

Make it easy

Have deep conviction with turn-key processes.

Create long-term relationships with clients; not transactional minded

we serve "you"

A boutique firm providing comprehensive services in insurance planning, consulting and financial planning

core business

  • Traditional transition planning
  • Distressed businesses and business mapping
  • Family/business dissolutions and hardships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Tax related planning
  • Estate related planning
  • Human resource related planning
  • Peer groups

Our business relationships include:

  • Compeer Financial
  • Current Clients
  • CPAs
  • Attorneys
  • Annie’s Project
  • FBM
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Previous Consulting Clients
  • Local Ag Programs


We are ready to move forward onto the next chapter by continuing to develop consulting for comprehensive Ag Business and Family Planning.

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